The sopronos

the sopronos

Welcome to A wiki about the HBO crime drama, The Sopranos. The wiki contains articles and. The official website for The Sopranos on HBO, featuring videos, images, schedule information and episode guides. Crime · New Jersey mob boss, Tony Soprano, deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life, which affects his mental state and ends. the sopronos


Best of The Sopranos Seasons 1 to 6 After Carmine Lupertazzi dies of a stroke, his death leaves a vacancy for boss of the Lupertazzi family, which will soon be fought over by underboss Johnny Sack and Carmine's son Carmine Lupertazzi, Jr. Reviews zur Serie The Sopranos. Stranger Things Season 2 Gets New Premiere Date at Netflix — See Poster 11 July 3: Soprano crime family Lupertazzi crime family Friends and family Satriale's Pork Store Bada Bing Cleaver FBI. Music on The Sopranos.

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